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Whenever one sits down to read, without fail, as soon as a book is picked up, a cat will appear at the feet, looking up all innocently.  Do not be fooled by the cunning behaviour.

To ignore the animal is futile.  As soon as the story (text) has begun to get interesting a feline will leap onto the lap, making its presence hard to disregard.  Switching the novel from one hand to the other does no good as a cat-head is forever in the way.  They want you to know, you have made the wrong choice in not focusing on them.

Moving the paperback closer only ends up being an object for the feline to rub its head and/or face against.  This is never conducive to a soothing perusal.  One must get used to reading a moving target.

Their attention is endearing but just once, it would be nice to finish a book without it being covered in cat fur.