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Having photogenic animals is the lot of every pet owner.  Not a week goes by, without them performing some amazing or amusing feat which, us humans, must record for the sake of prosperity.  After all, who would not be impressed by a gorgeous cat/dog or whatever?

Without fail, as soon as the camera comes out to capture the moment, the loving house pet will give a look of ‘get lost’ and move off before any pictures can be taken.  Are they really that smart?  Do they have the control, in the master-slave relationship?  While we may be proud of the genius, that is our cats, they are quite blasé about how adorable they are.  Who is the master?  Who is the slave?

Do your best to be the paparazzi and snap their tomfoolery, chances are you will get a blurry image.  Like a seasoned celebrity, they want paying for their image.  Get the treats out.  Only then will there be any form of cooperation.