Mr. Tibbs’ Pick Of The Week


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Ice Cream & Cupcakes

Biscuit is a megastar whose films are endlessly entertaining. The one theme that runs throughout her extensive repertoire is FUN! This week’s ‘Pick’ is no different.

This versatile catress plays a master chef with the ferocity of Gordon Ramsey. The flare with which she engages in the preparation of the food is unprecedented. It can only be described as ‘art in motion’.

The tail twitches add a bit of suspense to the chef’s demeanour and our expectation of an authentic storyline. I think the bunny kicks say it all, though. Biscuit takes no prisoners when it comes to her culinary expertise. Our star likes her ice cream and cupcakes her way or not at all.

The soundtrack definitely enhances the whole experience by skillfully keeping a comedic tone. Biscuit is a true leading lady who has honed her craft. I always look forward to her movies. See if you don’t agree . . .

🐾🐾 Mr. Tibbs 🐾🐾

*I’m, seriously, considering a career as a food critic!*

Ode To Cleopatra


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#290Days until she is mine

The cutest BSH, the finest feline

Cleopatra, my heart, you fill me with joy

No Tom is luckier than this here fat boy

The Wedding Of The Century, soon it will be

I promise not to make you a bitter divorcee

Forseeing a future full of love and of hope

This wedding is getting to me, ‘Hey let’s elope’

We can run off to Gretna where the land is all green

Just you and me, Babes, prince consort and his Queen

Will our furriends ever forgive us

Or will there be a fuss

The marriage celebration, a great hullabaloo

May have me saying farewell, adios and adieu

Gazing upon your beauty will stop these crazy thoughts

I’d never be able to eat with a stomach full of knots

Another 10 months and our lives will intertwine

Mayhap another book with a strong storyline

Whatever the future holds for you and for me

Together we will conquer the land, sky and sea

Love you forever, my lovely young one

I pledge to you always, together we’ll have fun

If you ever find fault, you can chuck me away

But know that I love you and will never stray

Cleopatra, my Queen, this ode is for you

And like the book says, ‘I’m Loving The View!’

Mr. Tibbs’ Pick Of The Week


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The Birds

Lucy’s remake of Hitchcat’s ‘The Birds’ is remarkable. It is an exciting, thrilling, tail-twitching, suspense-filled epic of a film. Every cat will not be able to tear their eyes from the screen.

The leading lady’s portrayal is tantalizingly mouth-watering. The director, in tune with Hitchcat’s style, plays with the audience by allowing Lucy’s best feature (that tail!) toy with the emotions of an anticipatory meal-expectancy.

The passionate flickering about of the hind quarters beautifully illustrates the voracious appetite she has for the pesky featured fowl.

See if you don’t agree, chums?

🐾🐾 Mr. Tibbs. 🐾🐾

A Meeting With Louis


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I had been summoned to the office of my agent, Louis B. Hare. This was never a good sign. The tyrant was once again on my back.

Reluctantly, I sauntered into his downtown office and sat before the long-eared feline, anxiously praying that he would NOT mention the Fat Farm or have me climb upon the scales.

I can admit, to you my pals, that the Weight Loss Clinic, to which I was admitted a few weeks back, was an utter and complete failure. Not that Louis was aware of the extent to which I had gained, instead of losing the poundage. To my knowledge, he was woefully ignorant of these facts. (Thank Cat, for small mercies).

“Since, you refuse to take your career and weight issues seriously, I’m going to give you an ultimatum.” Louis twitched his nose and rubbed his extra long ears at me, while I waited for this latest proposal.

“What do you mean? I take everything I do, seriously.” I told the star-maker. “Particularly, where my health is concerned. I’m about to be wed next year, as you know. I would never do anything to jeopardize Cleo’s happiness!” I meowed with some force. “The wedding was the one thing that kept me on track, at the Fat Farm. Why, I may have gained a ton without the right incentive.”

“Right . . . Well . . . How’s this for incentive . . . If you don’t have 100 reviews done by Christmas Day, I shall cancel the trip to Hollywood and you can kiss ‘Fame and Fortune’ good-bye, as well as the wedding.” I was stunned by this extreme measure. He continued, “Tibbs without a job means no marriage. Cleo won’t want to partner up with a bum who doesn’t have a Dreamie to his name.” Louis could be blatantly harsh when he wanted something from me.

“But . . . I only do one review a week for my Pick Of The Week! Any more than that and I would be doing a disservice to the videos, their stars and my legion of fans.” I countered.

“There are 6 weeks until Christmas. 42 days . . . That requires 2 reviews a day and doubling up on the weekends. You can do it.” Louis figured all that out in his head. The Tom was a mathematical genius.

“The thing is . . . I intended to surprise my Cleo with a fly-in visit on Christmas Day and deliver a lovely turkey dinner ‘pour deux’. She loves this holiday and the turkey, as much as I do.”

“Not this year!” Louis hissed. “You want to be a famous film critic, don’t you? We have to strike while the iron is hot and review all those Christmas classics.”

I gave the idea due consideration. “Of course, I want to be a famous writer. Maybe if I pen a classic tale about . . .”

“NO . . . NO . . . NO . . . You do that on your own time! Sacrifices have to be made, Son.” Louis drove a hard bargain. “Film reviews are your bread and butter! (Although, why anyone would want to sup on such fare, stumps me). You have your assignment. Now, get to it.”

“What happens if I fail to comply?”

“Miss one review and you will spend the rest of your lives picking carrots for yours truly.” Louis smiled inanely.


“Read the contract you signed!!! You do as I say, or you lose everything . . . including the lovely Cleo.”

So, there you have it! I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have to start writing reviews furiously or else this Christmas is going to be a very bleak affair. If you don’t see 2 reviews a day from now until Christmas, I may have to cancel the holiday festivities altogether! Bah Humbug!

Mr. Tibbs’ Pick Of The Week


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I have found a new and exciting catress in our midst and she is a stunner. This svelte young feline, gained a bit of weight for her role in this excellent remake of Sister Act. No habit would fit but the praying scene had me in stitches. The arm action alone in this piece is worth watching over and over. No ‘Bingo-Wings on our little cracker.

Swayze’s other movies can be found on Instagram and TikTok ⁦‪⁦‪@swayzebegs. She is new to Twitter but this adorable Babe is destined to be a Super Star wherever she chooses to show her films.

For some reason, I feel that she is a kindred spirit and if I weren’t engaged already, I would most definitely invite her out for a slap-up meal. In this day and age when all the skinny b***hes get the coveted parts, it’s good to see a character catress shine!

Well done Swayze . . .

🐾🐾 Mr. Tibbs. 🐾🐾

*While watching her, I found myself praying for more 🍿🍿🍿🍿*

TibbsysAngels Newsletter


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As most of you know my pal Frederick passed away a few months ago. Just before he got too sick to carry on, he (and his Mom) helped me tell the sizzling romance between himself and the love of his life, Sooty.

With permission from all parties, we feel the world needs to share in their affection for each other, in the hopes that we will all pay it forward. *Watch out for the unpredictable ending. It might catch a certain femme fatale by surprise, too.*

So, without further ado . . . I give you . . .

The Frooty Story

This is the story of Freddy the cat, a great furriend of mine, and his girl, Sooty, who just happens to be the 2019 winner of #MTIFF. They are an adorable couple with the fantastic celeb name of ‘Frooty’. (Sooty’s Mum came up with the brilliant moniker. Darn it, I wish I could take credit for it.)

I have to admit, I did not know most of their story and was riveted to my seat upon reading the fascinating tale of the happy couple. Frederick penned their tale beautifully . . .

‘This story starts out one year ago on June 8 2018. A lovely girl cat on Twitter named Duchess had just created ‘Duchess’ Dating Services’ in which she matched up suitable felines looking for meaningful relationships.

I, being a single male (and not much of a lady’s Tom) asked, ‘What is this new match-making service, Duchess? I noticed you have a client named Smartie who is in need of an escort, do I qualify?”

As Smartie had already been matched up, Duchess inquired, “Would you like to meet someone special?”

I was taken aback. I had never dabbled in on-line dating before (or any other kind of dating, if the truth were known) This was all new to me. I tried to hide my insecurity and nervously chuckled a response, “I don’t know. I’m a very handsome male cat, though.” Not that I am bragging but the lady cats have swooned over my good looks before.

Duchess showed me a number of lady cats and amongst them ONE stood out. She had shiny, ebony fur, big green eyes and was just BEAUTIFUL! Her brother, Sheldon was helping with the dating process and told me that his sisfur, Sooty had, indeed, swooned after seeing me.

I was astonished that this beautiful feline was interested in me! I plucked up the courage and boldly told her, “Sooty, you are soooo beautiful!!!”

She blushed and said, “Thank you. You are very smart and handsome.”

I could not stop gazing at her, “Look at your lovely, velvet black fur. It is stunning!”

“Awww . . . You’re too kind, Freddy. You sure know how to make a lady feel special. I am very flattered!” She replied.

Duchess finally interrupted the love-fest and asked, “Freddy, would you like to meet Sooty properly? In the fur, as it were.

She whispered to Sooty, “Would you like me to be match-maker?”

Sooty answered, “Ooooh, yes please! I am quite a shy girl really, but as my BFF, Duchess, you’re the only feline I’d trust to make sure I have the perfect match.”

Duchess continued to whisper to Sooty, “Is there anything you would like to know about Freddy?”

“He does seem furry handsome and cute. What do you think, Duchess?” Sooty remained cautious.

Duchess turned her attention to me. She said, “I must declare that Sooty is my Best Furriend Forever so the standards are extremely high!”

I started to panic. “Oh no . . . am I cute enough for her?”

“You’re incredibly cute . . . but that’s not enough. Each kitty has their own preferences.”

To be honest, self-doubt came bubbling up but wanting to impress this gorgeous feline, I turned the topic of conversation to something with which I am brim-full of confidence . . . “I know all about preferences. Take food, for instance. I am a very stubborn eater. I HATE chicken. I refuse to eat anything chicken.”

“You could definitely pass the chicken to Sooty . . . especially roast chicken. But could you go out with a chicken eater?” Duchess was very thorough in her vetting.

“Yes, of course.” I would not be deterred by chicken breath.

“So, if you were to come to Smartie and Badgie’s Gotcha pawty on July 1st, food would not be a problem?” Duchess wondered.

“As long as there was some fish flavoured stuff for me to eat.”

“Sooty lives by the sea where there is lots of fishes.”

“I LOVE fish!!!!”

Sooty was keeping a watch on this conversation and whispered to Duchess, “That would be pawtastic, if he could make the pawty and then we can meet in the fur! I know he said he doesn’t like chicken, but as long as he doesn’t mind me eating it occasionally that’s okay. I do love tuna!”

“Freddy has already confirmed that he is willing to go out with a chicken eater.” Duchess began to suspect that these two were meant for each other.

“Pawsome.” Sooty replied.

I finally jumped into the conversation with, “Yes, as long as I do not have to eat 🐓, I’m okay. Hello Sooty, I would love to go out with you.”

“So, Freddy, are you available to meet Sooty at the Gotcha Pawty organized by Bear?” Duchess enquired.

“Yes, of course! So, we’re going on a date?” I was still nervous and needed confirmation.

Duchess verified, “Yes. You can meet at the pawty for your first date. Sooty will arrive with her brofur, my darling Sheldon, sisfurs Tulip and Sweep and myself. There will be lots of furriends there, too.”

Oh, Duchess . . . that sounds like fun! I am very excited. I, just, have to make sure not to drink too many niptinis!” I did not want to get overzealous and embarrass anyone, myself included.

“Perhaps Angus could be your wingman? Angus has just got his pilots license, so would make an excellent choice. Angus, can you come to the pawty on July 1st, given by Bear?” Duchess had all the angles covered. She is extremely proficient at this dating game.

Angus replied, “Meow, Duchess and Freddy. Yes, I have the pawty in my diary and I’m accompanying Frieda but I can definitely be your wingman, Freddy. I have my advanced pilot license.”

“That would be absolutely pawsome, Angus!” I felt better having a pal to help me out.

That was the beginning of the love story between Sooty and myself.

Fast forward to the pawty where I had a blast. Dancing with my darling Sooty, paw in paw, was magical (except when I stepped on her toes). The night ended in the most enchanting way when . . . we shared a tender kiss!

We spent months together amidst a whirlwind of amazing dates; picnicking in Sooty’s home town by the beach . . .

on a double date, in Paris, and at the movie theatre, with Sheldon and Duchess . . .

and had a trip to ‘The Big Apple’ (New York City) . . .

*Now, this is where the tale takes a bittersweet turn. It was Freddy’s intention to end this blog with a new beginning . . . Read on, pals . . . *

I would be a very lonely Tom without Sooty . . . You is the love of my lives (all nine of them) . . . I . . . Ummmmm . . . I love you and . . .

Will you do me the honour of being my wife? Sooty, will you marry me?’

I suspect, it would have been a happy ending all around if only . . .

On behalf of Freddy and Sooty, I would like to say that their affection for each other has inspired me to tell every one of my furriends how much I love and respect them. Thank Cat, Love Never Dies!

Mr. Tibbs’ Pick Of The Week


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Mount Wardrobe

The Danger! The Suspense!

Our super hot, Hero heartthrob, Basil The Brave, graces the silver screen once again. This particular release is a real cliffhanger!

All mountain climbers know . . . (or in this case, the courageous few willing to scale the wardrobe) that the real peril of the sport lurks in the daring descent. Clambering heights heretofore never explored is thrilling and exciting.

Once the euphoria of being on top of the world subsides, coming back down to earth can be a risky business. Will our hero bridge the Gap? Will the headboard collapse under his weight? (Always a concern of mine.)

‘Action Tom’, Basil, fearlessly faces the challenge with a staggering confidence that left me biting my claws. With the beautiful cinematography, it was obvious that the young Stud, unbelievably, did his own stunts! What a Star! 🌟

Watch this Floof-raising, white-knuckler and see if you do not come away as impressed as I am with my pal.

🐾🐾 Mr. Tibbs 🐾🐾

*There is no end to this Tom’s talent. For those who missed this monster video yesterday, I’ve got an added bonus for you.*

Black Cat Appreciation Month


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October is/was Black Cat Appreciation Month for obvious reasons. Us, black cats are under-appreciated and considered, in some heathenistic cultures, as bad luck. (Have you seen my future bride-to-be . . . ?)

I’m definitely the luckiest Black Tom . . . EVER!

Not only do I have the luck of the Irish (I’m not really Irish yet I do enjoy a four-leaf clover every now and then, especially when I need to rid myself of a hairball) and my luck-cup runneth over. All who come in contact with me find themselves feeling fit and trim.

As ‘All Hallow’s Eve’ approaches, the powers that be, have decided (& quite rightly) that there ought to be a National Black Cat Day. 27 October is (and was) our day.

For everyone who owns a black cat knows that we are revered every day. There is not a 24 hour period that my human does not shout, ‘The cat did what?!’ Followed by a terse muttering of ‘How did I get to be so lucky?’

Ironic really . . . because the same thing pops into my head as I’m running for cover while being chased from the route between hairball and garbage can.

Black cats are not the only ones who have issues with hacking up furballs, of course. We all do it. In fact, black cats are as normal as every other coloured cat. Yet, we still get discriminated against.

Fortunately, those cultures who are wiser than most, see through the ridiculous fear-mongering and hold us up to the degree with which we deserve.

I have even heard some nasty rumours going around that black cats are harder to adopt out! Honestly, humans can be dense sometimes. It is a known fact that we ‘pick and choose’ who become our parents. Panthers are, obviously, far more discerning about who are allowed into our lives.

Anyone owned by an ebony feline better be honoured to be a part of the privileged few. In reality, if you were turned away from being possessed by us noble creatures, you can count yourself among the riff-raff and huddled masses yearning for a noir chat.

There is hope though. We, four-pawed furriends, are a forgiving lot (especially where a free and regular meal is concerned) and are happy to let bygones be bygones.

It might take a few weeks . . . months . . . or even years to fully show our gratitude but having humans at our beck and call is all we ask. They better step up and give pats, belly rubs and chin scratches when required. It’s their job to find the right spot and our job to let them know when they have found it. Purr . . . Purr . . . Purr . . .

Panthers are recognized for being large sleek, flirtatious animals . . . Hello . . .

I am anyway!

Luckily, I was and am welcomed with loving arms by my Mom and all who know me. I have never felt anything but venerated and cherished from the time I was a kitten until now.

To tell you the truth, there is nothing to fear from black cats. We will give affection, purr and get underfoot whenever the mood takes us.

If anyone out there is looking to adopt a cat, do not be fooled by outward appearances. Substance is always better than aesthetics. Give a black cat the chance to shine. (Especially, if you are a ‘chosen one’.)

It is a serious business to increase the family and for some the increase can be tremendous . . .

But I guarantee you that the love returned will enrich your human lives forever.

Adopt Don’t Shop! Happy Black Cat Appreciation Month!

Mr Tibbs’ Pick Of The Week


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The Body Under The Blanket

Alice’s entertaining portrayal of a Miss Marple type of super sleuth in this major motion picture version of ‘The Body Under The Blanket’ is the finest performance since Dame Judi won the Oscar for her cameo in ‘Shakespeare In Love’.

This is not a ‘Whodunit’ so much as it is a ‘WhereIsIt?’. From start to finish our star doggedly pursues the culprit. Her determination to solve the conundrum of, just, who is undercover can only be solved by using the ‘little grey fur’.

Our gorgeous feline detective will not stop until she gets to the bottom of the mystery. She leaps . . . She bounds . . . She has a bit of a nibble and will not let go until the enigma is decoded.

Forget Daniel Craig, I do believe Alice should be the next James Bond.

🐾🐾 Mr. Tibbs 🐾🐾

*If I ever go astray, I hope Alice is set on my trail . . . Or do I mean tail?*

Nip Tales From A She Devil


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I am not sure if any of you are familiar with this practise or have been subjected to an intervention but let me meow my opinion on the matter. It is an extreme measure for felines with severe nip issues. The type of thing, where a cat has trouble functioning on a daily basis without a shot of the ‘Meowie Wowie’! (I have heard of such a thing but do not, personally, know of anycat who fits the bill.)

If you find yourself in this predicament, please seek help. I am sure the Betty Furrd Clinic would never turn away a feline in need. Luckily, my nip intake is not a problem but there are others (who shall remain nameless and adorably grey and white) who believe otherwise.

I cannot be absolutely positive that my Lord was the catalyst for this horrendous incident which I am about to impart but hang on to your nip leaves as this just might scare you off the wonder plant forever!

This is how it went down . . . The other day, I was minding my own business, watching the news about the latest (and ridiculous) Human craze of ‘Vaping’, wondering if such a thing could be adapted for the world of catnip when everyone I love (minus one BSH Adonis) surrounded me and brought in a Dr. Mew.

I was stunned.

“We all love you, Patches, but this behaviour has got to stop!” Tuffy, my sisfur, hissed.

“Save some nip for the rest of us.” Dusty growled.

“Where’s the food? I’m sure someone told me there was going to be plenty of treats at this shindig.” My fatso brofur, Tibbs, meowed, unconcerned about anything except his stomach.

Minnie, my Mom, chimed in with, “Just because you’re the HuMom’s favourite . . . doesn’t mean you can get away with indulging in your favourite pastime, Dear.”

I had no idea what they were, all, on about? The ‘nip’ and I have a passing acquaintance, at best. Why were they insinuating that there was a problem?

“Are you willing to go into a facility, right now, to get the help you so richly deserve?” Dr. Mew grinned like he was from Cheshire.

“This is all very enlightening Dr. And I’m sure you mean well but someone is playing a very cruel joke on you. I do NOT have a problem with the ‘nip’.” I reasoned soundly. ” Do I look like a ‘nip fiend’?” I shot him my most adorable face.

“My family loves me and I love them . . .” I looked at my sisfur and Mom, giving them slow blinks. I could not see that either one of them brought about this nonsense.

Next I settled on Tibbs to watch him scarf down the treats which were fast disappearing. His only worry was, how much food he could consume so it would not have been him calling for this violation of my rights as a kitty. “. . . I love most of them, anyway.” I continued. “They know I don’t have a problem. So, whoever ordered this . . .’

” . . . Intervention?” Dr. Mew found the word for me.

“Hmmmmm . . . is mistaken. You have been sent on a fool’s errand, Dr.”

“It would seem that you have an admirer who is concerned about your well-being. Furriends like that are hard to come by.” The Doctor meowed enigmatically.

“Who would this ‘furriend’ be, prey tell . . . ?”

“I could not possibly reveal my source but suffice it to say, there is a white and grey Tom who is terribly perturbed by you and wants nothing more than a healthy wife.”

“Wife?!!! Seanie Boy called the authorities on me?!!! I don’t believe it! Why, only, this morning I received a delivery of the finest . . .” I protested. Seanie is a modern Tom who loves the nip and me unconditionally. He would NEVER . . .

“Who’s Seanie Boy? Is that the name of His Lord . . . ship . . .?” The doctor let slip.

“What?!!!” I yowled! “My Lord did this?!” Oh how happy this made me. Graydon is tied up in knots over me and sent help! This was such good news. “I suppose I will consent to any and all treatments . . . so long as I know that he will be waiting for me, at the altar, to tie the knot when all’s said and done.”

*I’m wearing white. Whenever you are ready, my Lord.*