Mr. Tibbs’ Pick Of The Week


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Seek & Attack In The Fort

This is one of those heartbreaking tales of sibfur pitted against sibfur during wartime!

Hazel, our leading lady, gives a stunning performance as the aggressor by storming the fort and plunging in head first, seemingly, without a care.

Not to be out-catted, Remy’s supporting role is Tibbsy Award worthy. The tail thumping under the blanket is a stroke of genius and offsets the price of admission. Like Dame Judi Dench before her, Remy is not on screen for very long but the histrionics are memorable.

Hollywood has not seen a stellar pair of catting sisfurs since Olivia De Havilland and Joan Fontaine. These two grace us with a good cat-fight both on and off the screen.

Makes me long for #MTIFF to return. Enjoy this cinematic delight everyone . . .

🐾🐾 Mr. Tibbs 🐾🐾


Nip Tales From A She Devil


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Fake News!

There has been a number of false allegations about my moderate use of the ‘weed that makes all things possible’.

These claims are completely unfounded!

I have been portrayed as an unattractive ‘Nip Fiend.’ All to the delight of a certain Marshmallow Cheeked Adonis who takes pleasure in my undying devotion (despite the fact, he plays the martyr.)

Luckily, not everyone is fooled by my, absolutely fabulous, rendition of a cross between Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone. No one can abuse the ‘Meowie Wowie’ as much as I am supposed to have indulged in, without a few brain cells going missing.

Seanie Boy, (my American husband?), and all-out extreme hunter keeps me supplied with anecdotes of his bravery. Rabbits, mice and birds; all captured within a matter of weeks. Not to mention the lengths he goes to, in order to have fresh nip delivered on a daily basis. More ‘fake news’ as it would be impossible for me to consume it all.

I ask you . . . do I look like an ‘out-of-control-Niphead’?

The fact that I can still function as a furrocious feline puts paid to the unsubstantiated rumours about my herbalicious intake. I am well versed in the art of hunting. No on escapes the clutches of Patches. Not birds! Not Lords! Not the ‘Nip’! 🌱🌿🌱🌿

I have taken the high road and deliberately kept quiet about my private interest in these obsessions. I defy anyone to acknowledge that they are aware of my true fixations. Subterfuge is my game!

I could, of course, quit any of these tigers which have got me by the tail, at any time. (To be truthful, I DO enjoy ‘yanking the tail’ of one in particular, but I digress.)

Taking pride in my ability to nab prey at will, I am honour to be dubbed ‘STALKER’ by a Lord of the Realm. The protection order was a bit over the top, especially after the moat and alligators 🐊🐊 were put in place for an added degree of difficulty, but I am not so easily deterred from my goals.

It is up to me to set the record straight, in print. I deny all erroneous indictments regarding my ‘nip-tripping’.

We are casual acquaintances, at best.

But I, emphatically, confirm the scuttlebutt about my hankering for a tasty Grey and White BSH. No matter how hard he tries to get away or refuses to accept our relationship, rest assured dear reader, he is MINE! (Sorry, Seanie.)


L. P. G.

Mr. Tibbs’ Pick Of The Week

With A Little Help From Your Friends

This feel-good movie is all about co-operation. Every goal is possible, with a little help from our friends. After last week’s disaster film, I thought a nice, gentle cinematic fare was in order. (Albeit, the storyline is not dissimilar)

LunaBelle, our gorgeous star (& different from last week’s Luna), makes the most of a bunk-up and savours her just rewards. Watching this scrumptious production restored my faith in catkind and sent me fleeing to the concession stand for a huge box of Dreamie-covered insects.

My greatest wish is to have someone hold me up like that so I could capture prey. (I wonder if Hercules is available?) *And I don’t mean, Poirot.*

Watch LunaBelle devour the enemy in the most altruistic way possible!

Cleo’s Birthday


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One year from today will be the happiest of my, devastatingly handsome, life. Not that this year isn’t an important occasion; far from it. The 5th of September is indelibly etched on my heart as the day the world began. It is more momentous than Christmas, Valentine’s Day and dare I say it . . . ‘All-You-Can-Eat-Treats Day’!

For those of you who are unaware of the significance of this historic date, it is, of course, the birthday of my beloved fiancée, ‘Cleopatra of the river Dee’. It is, also, the date in which we became engaged, (a number of years ago) and in the year 2020, it is the day we shall be wed! *sighs deeply . . . thinks about it . . . and . . . THUD!*

365 days from today, you will be mine, my Queen. Counting the hours shall, probably, tax me mentally (math is not my strong suit) but so long as I am reminded of your love on a daily basis, I can surely manage to flirt my way to the altar.

We all know that our Royal Wedding is going to be the social event of the century and all of our furriends (& anyone else) are invited to share in the joy. I am pretty sure, on the day, my eyes will only be on you, Babes.

This might be hard for some to believe knowing of my wandering eye & love of flirting but my only concern is that between now and then, I can behave myself. I shall endeavour to not overstep the mark by upsetting the most patient and saintly kitty in all the world.

If I do manage to keep trouble at bay, I promise this will be the finest, most joyous year of my young bride-to-be’s life. Yes, Cleopatra . . . you’re in for quite a ride!

My wish for this day is that you have the best birthday ever, filled with Turkey, Dreamies and me . . .

I know how much you adore this.

It might be that I am less available over the next little while but I want you to know, Cleopatra, is that wherever I am in the world, you are always near and dear to my heart. Even if a number of Hollywood felines seem to have their claws in me, and you never meow to me again, I shall be yours forever! My agent, Louis, has already forced me to give up #MTIFF and now he wants me to go to Tinseltown,

to take La-La-Land by storm. Louis says, ‘I’m going to be bigger than Dumbo!’ Can you believe that?! (I thought I already was . . .)

But fear not, Babes . . . 12 months from now, we will be Tom and Feline and no one will be able to rip us asunder. Let the countdown begin . . .


Mr. Tibbs’ Pick Of The Week


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In this feline version of ‘The Fly’ our intrepid heroine, Luna, teaches the pesky annoyance a lesson it won’t soon forget. She may be small and adorable but that won’t stop the ferocious barrage on the flying enemy. When the home front is invaded by buzzing insects all-out war must be declared.

This is the kind of cinematic experience I enjoy. You go to see a film expecting a war movie and come away with a warm feeling of ‘all will be right with the world’. The leading lady brings an honest, down-to-earth portrayal for all involved.

You’ll leave this hard-hitting flick with a smile on your face.

Check it out . . .

🐾🐾 Mr. Tibbs. 🐾🐾 *And what an ending, Babe!*

For Freddy


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Freddy, or Frederick as I liked to call him, went OTRB 🌈 just over a week ago and I know I meow for everyone who knew him, he is sorely missed.

He was an 8 year old Maine Coon with many sib-furs. Frederick endeared himself to all. He had a huge heart and loved to have fun. Freddy looked up to me as a mentor and I tried to set a positive example for him. He loved his pals hard and we all felt as strongly about him.

I know, for a fact, his greatest achievement was meeting and falling in love with his dear Sooty. Rumours abound that there is a ‘tell-all’ about this romance. One day, it may see the light of day and all will be privy to the love they shared. Emotions ran deep with this Tom.

As his Mom has stated, he helped her through some extremely rough patches replacing joy where sorrow once lived. But merriment and revelry was what my handsome pal was all about. He enjoyed life and had an excellent time living with his loving family.

Frederick was a true treasure and I, for one, am honoured to have known him.


🐾🐾 Mr. Tibbs 🐾🐾

Mr. Tibbs’ Pick Of The Week


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Tape Measure

Our star is at the top of his game, in these hilarious comedies. The movies begins with a flurry of activity, slipping and sliding along the floor while chasing after the latest gadget. What could it be? A nip-infused mouse? An expensive simulated birdie? NO . . . Basil prefers the simple things in life. A good old-fashioned tape measure.

Sir Floof gets the bit between his teeth . . . LITERALLY! Watching him capture the foe in his mouth with steely determination makes me proud to call him, furriend. He engages in, a bit, of a tug-of-war with Bas Mum (his Angelic co-star) but fear not our hero will not be defeated so easily.

It has been a while since Basil has brought out my favourite skit of his, ‘Taking Bas Mum For Walkies’. It cracks me up every time. The Floofy Tom knows his stuff, though and seeing him walk around with the prize fills me with admiration for his hunting skills.

Tape Measure (and the sequel TM II) might sound as exciting as a trip to Home Depot but I defy any feline to watch both these videos and not laugh. Basil is an established star of Periscope whose comedy skills know no bounds. Enjoy, pals.

🐾🐾 Mr. Tibbs 🐾🐾

Nip Tales From A She-Devil


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Love Is Just Too Strong

As many of you know, I have been forced (through no fault of my own) to give up the Meowie-Wowie. I had a ‘Nip-Off’ and lost to the more experienced Foxxy Cleocatra. A worthy opponent, if not a desperate nip fiend. Her hard-won victory has left me sober these past few months.

Not a prospect I would recommend to anyone. These strictly teetotal . . . I mean . . . ‘nipless wonders’ who preach life without the weed, give me the hump. I am not, nor will I ever be, one of those reformed addicts who try to convert the uninitiated to give up the lovely euphoria with which the nip produces.

‘Addict’ might be too strong a word for my respect and admiration concerning that heavenly plant. The fact remains that I have purposely stayed away from nature’s finest, in order to impress a certain grey and white BSH. I think he has, secretly, been enthralled by my strength of character, in holding out for as long as I have.

I can tell that this is the truth because every time I tweet him and make reference to our ‘special relationship’ by calling him ‘my Lord’, he is quick to return an ironic, ‘I am not your LORD!’

Oh how it makes me laugh!

Knowing that the two of us share this exceptional bond between us is endlessly encouraging. I might even admit to everyone that those five words, ‘I am not your LORD’, meowed with such feeling are taken as a fierce declaration of the love he conceals, from the rest of the world, for me.

Whenever, my Big City Tom, tweets a growl . . . I know in his heart of hearts, he is too shy to meow the words, ‘I love you.’ And he lets the sardonic ‘grrrrrr . . .’ speak volumes. It lifts my spirits, nearly as much as the nip.

Some cats may take the witty banter between us seriously and think that my Lord is truly annoyed by my relentless pursuit of him. Or that he would be happy to be rid of me altogether but the chances of that happening are akin to me giving up the nip on a permanent basis.

Although, I have taken a sabbatical from the blissful substance, the call of the wild is too powerful to hold out forever. In fact, when my Mom came home with a fresh nip plant, recently, I felt honour-bound to give it a sniff.

“I knew it wouldn’t last!” My Lord used our secret code to make his meaning clear to me. The sentiment he meant to meow was, ‘You’ve come back to me’.

Well, of course, I had never left him but I suppose he felt the absence of my presence, more than he realized.

The next day he asked, “How goes it with the nip? Still in one piece?”

To which I answered . . .

“I figured as much.” Lord Graydon replied laughingly.

Reading between the lines once again, I took this answer to mean, ‘Love devours all!’

So, now reader, you are privy to our passionate interchanges and how the meows are always more meaningful than meets the eye. I am happy to keep up the charade because I know deep down that OUR LOVE IS EVER STRONG!

Mr. Tibbs’ Pick Of The Week


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‘The Box Is Alive’ is the most realistic remake of the story of Pandora’s Box that I have viewed since the Greeks came up with the myth.

Gandalf plays the role of a curious kitty desperate to open the ill-fated box. Will he release evil onto the world? Will he get some treats? Will he receive the surprise of his life?

Watch the movie to find out the what he encounters.

I was pleasantly surprised to witness this modern version of ‘starting something that may come back to biff you in the face.’

It’s a deep, philosophical piece that left me smiling. Hope you will have the same reaction!

🐾🐾 Mr. Tibbs. 🐾🐾

Tribute To Spooky


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R. I. P. Spooky

I have some sad news about my pal, Spooky @LysForbes. He has gone OTRB 🌈 😿

Sir Spooky was a real gent and helped his Mum through many trying times. He showed up at their home, at about 6 months old, and was given food and shelter for ‘a night’ until he could be returned to whoever owned him. He stayed for 16 years. (He found his owners.)

Although, he used to scold me relentlessly (in a good-natured way) for my wayward behaviour towards the ladies, he did so in order to protect my Cleopatra. (I could never fault him for that). But that was the type of Tom he was . . . always kind . . . always gallant . . . A champion of those in need.

There was a running gag between Spooky, Lord Graydon, Seanie Boy and myself as to who held the title of ‘Handsomest Tom On Twitter’, I think it’s safe to say we all acknowledge the magnetism, both inside and out, with which you held us all spellbound. We bow to the master.

He was loved and cared for by the best but had to be set free when illness took over. We will all miss you Sir Spooky. Rest easy, Sweet furriend. 😿😿😿😿

🐾🐾 Mr. Tibbs. 🐾🐾